Hawke Industries


The best way to get the feel of your HAWKE bender is to follow this procedure to create a 40" circle using a 13' length of 1" x 1" x .065 wall tubing.  (For pipe-only machines use 1" diameter pipe.

  1. Select a clean, straight length of material.  Lightly oil the material surface for a better finish.
  2. Place the material over the Bottom Rollers and center it.
  3. Apply only enough pressure with the Pressure Wheel to lightly clamp the material in place.
  4. Using a 3/16" Allen Hex Wrench, adjust the Guide Collars on the bottom rollers to posistion the material in the center of the machine.  Leave a small gap of about 1/16" for running clearance.   YOU ARE READY TO ROLL...
  5. Run the material through the machine.  At this point use clamping pressure only.  This should require minimal effort.  If this is not the case, check the following:  a) The set-up is correct.  b) The tube is uniform.  c) The material is centered in the machine. Any tightness should be checked and reduced.
  6. If everything feels okay, wind the tube to either end.  Apply two (2) turns to the "T" handle to increase the pressure on the material.  Reverse the direction and wind the tube to the other end.  The drive effort will increase as the material curves.
  7. Repeat #6.  After 4-5 passes, the tube should be on its way to becoming a circle.  Continue until the ends of the tube begin to overlap or the desired radius is accomplished.  CAUTION: IF THE TUBE ENDS MEET AND ARE FORCED TOGETHER BY THE BENDING PROCESS, THEY SHOULD NOT BE SEPERATED WITH YOUR HANDS!  USE A HAMMER TO JAR THEM LOOSE SO THE ENDS OVERLAP.
  8. To complete the bend, ease the overlap to one side as it enters the machine.  The circle is finished when the curved sections overlap.
  9. To remove the circle from the machine:

        a)  Release the pressure using the "T" bar handle.

        b)  Move to the rear of the machine.

        c)  Lift the tube toward the back of the machine, rotating the overlapping ends of the circle to just outside the bender.

        d)  Bring the circle to the corner upright that the open end of the tube is pointing to.

        e)  Gently ease the tube end toward yourself and rotate the circle until it clears the machine. (Like removing a

              key from a key ring)

   10. Clamp the ends together and cut through to remove the leaders.  Weld and polish.


You'll now be familiar enough with your Hawke Bender to select your own project.

Please see our Hints and Tips page for more information.